• For the love of the dance...
      Its ability to turn our suffering into art.
      Its power to connect us more deeply to our truth.
      Its vastness that holds the spectrum of humanity from grief to ecstasy.

    • hamptons yogafest is happening!

    • I am leading two sessions! 
      Let's rally!

      Saturday, 3:00pm
      Pure Rhythm

      Sunday, 10:00am
      In Body & Soul

       Just announced, single-day passes are now available! 

      Spend one day flowing & growing and enjoy the rest of your weekend soaking in the sun! 



    • from my journal

    • The Path of Love & Unity

      Our world today is polarized. It is full of pain and suffering, and it is also filled with immense love and compassion. The same is true for most of us in our own psyche. We shift from the bliss that comes through peak and breakthrough moments to feelings of self doubt and negativity. We swing from [...]

      This is my new theme song. I am committed to having the difficult conversations in my life, even if in practice they are a bit messy. Thank you Bob Moses for this song!

      In Need of Taking My Own Medicine

      In need of taking my own medicine today; the medicine of going into all the the stress anger and sadness that has risen within me over the past few weeks and recycle it into embodied art that actually makes a difference on this planet. The past month has been a culmination of the un-health of our [...]