• 5Rhythms Teacher Spotlight

  • I'm thrilled to have been featured by the 5Rhythms Teacher's Association in their February 2017 Teacher Spotlight. Read on for some of my thoughts on festival culture and working for our dream of conscious, connected humanity.

    With love,

    There is an inspiring conscious festival culture flourishing on the planet — gatherings that seek to elevate the human spirit en mass. These are collaborative experiences between artists, musicians, transformative movement modalities, and progressive eco-consciousness; experiences which aim to direct our awareness toward how we can evolve to be be better global citizens and stewards of our planet.

    They offer up the dream of our conscious evolution and pave the path toward the realization of that dream.

    This year, I am beyond grateful to share the 5Rhythms® practice at Envision Festival for the fourth time, inviting embodied groove lovers to open the breath, clear the body, to pause and evaluate the patterns of how we move and exist in our lives at large. To look into the mirror of the experience and see… Where we are open and free? Where we are contracted and closed?

    This year I will be holding space at the beginning and end of the festival, inviting us to create sacred, intentional threshold crossings. In the beginning, what do we want to receive for ourselves and what do we want to give and offer up to the experience? At the end, what do we intend to take with us into our lives and our communities?

    What practices will be our allies in building a more conscious, awakened, interconnected life? How can we grow always in the direction of greater of joy, harmony, and love?

    In any concentrated experience — whether class, workshop, immersion, or festival — the bridge and the take-away are just as important as the experience itself. At Envision Festival we have an opportunity to thread a profoundly soulful and communal experience into the rhythm and beat of our everyday lives.

    If the time is ripe for you, gather with 5,000 adventurous souls in the Costa Rican beach jungle for this heart-opening celebration of global humanity. We will raise the bar and open the pathways to an elevated individual and collective dream.

    We will embark on a journey where the visionary within us is empowered to emerge and thrive.

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