• My first love was music and dance.

      Song and rhythm captured me at an early age and connected me to my own sense of freedom in expression.

      As a teenager, the dance deepened into my ally and refuge. It was a place where I could allow my heart to express what I did not have words for, a place that connected me to the colors and shades of emotions that were moving through me: from a giddy social butterfly to a girl longing to belong.

      Dance led me to my next passion: the theatre. I studied musical theatre at Florida School of the Arts and classical theatre at Florida State University, in between school I was performing at regional theatres, living life, learning who I was and who I was not.

      While I was at Florida State I had a devastating injury to my ankle the night before we were to open a show. It was a very low moment and took me to some new depths. This injury became one of my biggest gifts. During my healing process one of my teachers handed me Gabrielle Roth's book: Sweat Your Prayers, and on page one, I knew Gabrielle would be my teacher.

      Instinctually, I knew she would be the one to show me the gate to walk through that would reveal a world I had only had glimpses of. That intuition was correct. Not long after, I met Gabrielle in her month long workshop in California with 80 passionate courageous souls. It was a life changing experience. Our first real connection was about our mutual love for the theatre. She invited me to come to NYC to explore with her, I did not hesitate.

      The rest is history... with deep roots, mad love, a lot of maps, and thousands of wild, healing, raw, spirit invoking dances.

      I believe that we are all artists with an ability to create our reality and manifest our dreams, yet we need practices to keep us fluid, tools to help us express our boundaries and what we stand for, physical ways to help us to let go when the time is ripe, maps that lead us back to the simple pure joy we felt as children, and teachings that show us what true compassion is.

      This is the dance I dance today.

      I am passionate about collaboration. I love making bridges from the me, to the we, to the us and back again.

      My way to deep connection is still through music and dance. The landscape keeps opening and evolving.

    • Amber is an international 5Rhythms® facilitator who has been steeped in movement meditation for 18 years. With a strong background in dance, theatre, and freeing the natural voice, she takes seekers on transformative 5Rhythms® journeys focused on embodiment and energetics. Knowing that music is an integral piece of the dance, she weaves eclectic journeys using the power of sound and movement.

      Amber trained with 5Rhythms® founder Gabrielle Roth for 10 years in NYC, has taught at Eileen Fisher Lifework, is on the annual staff for Omega at Blue Spirit, and produces events that deepen our connection to soul and elevate the human spirit.

      Amber lives nomadically between Boulder, Nosara, New York and the world, sharing her passion and love for the dancing path.