• If you would like to apply for a scholarship pleased download, fill out, and return the editable PDF below to The360emergence@gmail.com

    Please only apply for this scholarship if you are a dedicated practitioner who is truly in need of financial assistance. We intend to offer this assistance to women whose only pathway to attendance is through this scholarship program.
    All of the information disclosed in this application will be kept confidential.
    Only Kate and Amber will read the applications.
    They will review each application in the order received to determine if they feel that you are eligible one of the 4 scholarships available at this time. With the level of interest that we have had, we suggest submitting your scholarship at your earliest convenience.
    If you are accepted on a scholarship you will receive registration information. We will also communicate with you directly if you are not accepted on a scholarship.

    Please Note : This is not a 5Rhythms® workshop and will not count towards hours for the 5Rhythms teacher training.

    Important Instructions

    The deadline for returning scholarship applications is JULY 5th

    Please submit this application in the form of a PDF, titled “YOUR NAME - Ashes 2019” to: the360emergence@gmail.com
    Please also attach a recent headshot where we can see your eyes. Please no sunglasses. The title of the photo should be: “YOUR NAME”
    Please Send Your Entire Application in the same email : writing + headshot.
    Your submission will not be considered unless ALL of these instructions are followed. Please keep your answers succinct, we will only read 4 pages of writing.

  • Questions?
    Contact Madison at The360Emergence@gmail.com

    This is not a 5Rhythms® workshop and will not count towards the 
    5Rhythms teacher training.