• May 4 - 11, 2019

    The 360 Emergence

    Advanced Immersion

    By Application Only

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    The Circle Work 

    Are You Ready to Stand and Deliver -
    Step Into The Circle.

    A week that will change all your weaks
    A week of shamanic prescriptions
    A week of seeing true,speaking true and hearing true
    A week to bring your dedicated intent to the circle
    A week of  shamanic embodiment
    A week of empowering your individual voice in the collective
    A week of shamanic fashionista creativity
    A week where we become a movement
    A week that could change all your weeks

    Stand and Deliver.
  • We are delighted to bring this new emerging body of work to those who are ready for the experience. This potent ceremonial week will push your edges and invite you into being more centered and leader-full. This laboratory is a culmination of a combined 35 years of learning and teaching. It will be deep, daring and delicious.

    The Circle Work is an Advanced Immersion: This week will be a strong medicine bundle to help change the course of your life.

    If you have not attended at least one workshop with either Kate or Amber individually or with them together, this immersion is not for you.
    Throughout this lab we will:
    • Dance
    • Open our awareness of self and our environment
    • Practice our ability to see and be seen
    • Step out into the unknown to retrieve lost parts of our self
    • Develop our human potential

    We create impeccable containers for ongoing lasting change through movement, sound, shamanism and ceremony.
    We walk the worlds between ordinary and non ordinary reality.


    Blazing Mountain Retreat Center is located in the remote and serene Sangre de Cristo mountain range of southern Colorado, 4 hours from the Denver International Airport.

    There are different travel options to the retreat center, including a group shuttle that will leave DIA at 12:30PM May 4th and return to DIA no later than 3:30PM May 11th.


     The accommodations, built in 2011, are simple, clean and zen.
    Price includes class tuition, room & meals.
    Meals are made from local, sustainable, and/or organic foods.

  • $4500 - Single Room (Queen), Private Bath
    $4200- Single Room (Full), Private Bath
    $3800 - Single Room (Twin), Private Bath
    $3400 - Double Room (Twin), Private Bath

    $3600 - Single Room (Full), Shared Bath
    $3400 - Single Room (Twin), Shared Bath
    $3000 - Double Room (Twin), Shared Bath
    $2800 - Dorm: 2 beds per room (bunk beds)
    $2500 - Dorm: 4 beds per room (bunk beds)

    Visit Blazing Mountain's website for a description of the different rooms.


    Please submit this application, titled “YOUR NAME - The Circle Work” to: The360emergence@gmail.com
    Along with a clear photo of your face titled YOUR NAME.

    Only dedicated students of Kate Shela and Amber Ryan, who answer all of these questions completely and honestly will be considered.

    Your submission will not be considered unless all of these instructions are followed.

    If you have not attended at least one workshop with either Kate or Amber individually or with them together, this immersion is not for you, so please do not apply. If you have not worked with us before and still wish to be considered, the only pathway is through attending Medicine Wheel Embodied in Dallas on March 22-24. There are only a handful of places still available. If you choose this pathway, you must make yourself known to us prior to the workshop.

    Please note that all scholarships spaces have been filled for The Circle Work, and we are no longer taking applications for scholarships.

  • Questions? Contact The360emergence@gmail.com

    This is not a 5Rhythms® workshop and will not count towards the 5Rhythms teacher training.

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