• A New Year’s Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica

    You are invited to join a circle of like-minded humans to create a potent and inspired threshold crossing into a meaningful year ahead.

    With the 5Rhythms® as our root practice and supported by the fullness of the elements, we will embark on an embodied journey to take pause, reflect, purify, and set our sails for an inspired 2019.


    Through daily practice and with our focus on sacred ways, we will prepare to step through the gate into next year fully alive, awake and in communion with our intents, prayers and visions.

    Our home for these 7 days will be the raw, earthy magnificence of The Costa Rica Yoga Spa. On a mountain overlooking the breathtaking views of Nosara, supported by delicious whole foods, Yin Yoga, ceremony and dips into the ocean, we will dance ourselves to the root of our primal nature and rediscover our edges as well as our innate beauty.

    Join the circle of adventurous humans to behold the G O L D E N horizon of vision and intent, making 2019 a year we will always remember.

    The Container:
    5Rhythms® · Live Music · Optional Yin Yoga
    Ritual · Ceremony · Sacred Earth Practices

    Ocean Time · Skillful Body Work · Surf
    Whole and Super Foods · Juice Package