• In need of taking my own medicine today; the medicine of going into all the the stress anger and sadness that has risen within me over the past few weeks and recycle it into embodied art that actually makes a difference on this planet.

    The past month has been a culmination of the un-health of our broken institutions and the dis-ease in our personal lives. We have seen our ugly roots as a nation emerge to discriminate against human beings for the unique and beautiful color of their skin. We have seen another icon die this spring because of access to drugs that should not be in the hands of anyone. Imagine how often this is happening to non-celebs. The terror that happens because of the ease at which most people can get a gun and do whatever their imbalanced mind tells them to do.

    Global warming is happening. Pollution from factories in China who are trying to keep up with the demand for our desire for more and more and more consumption is ruining our planet. YES, that is H&M, cheap clothes and plastic toys that last for 6 months! Part of the problem. I am sad that most of us, including myself, have so many negative thought patterns going on in our own heads that we don't feel that we can even make a difference. All of this is pollution in our personal lives, in our communities, and on the planet.

    We have got to pull this together people. The generations to come depend on what we do NOW!

    I definitely have some and anger and tears to move. I am stepping into the new skin of having the courage to be in difficult conversations even if they are messy. The only way to get better is to practice. We must come together, step into the fear, and SPEAK OUT like so many courageous people are doing. We must stand for what we believe in and not just think that someone else will take care of it.


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