In this elemental movement workshop, we will explore the teachings and medicine alive within each of the five rhythms: FLOWING / STACCATO / CHAOS / LYRICAL / STILLNESS

    We will gather In community, to practice, to embody and discover which of the rhythms are thriving within us as well as the ones lying dormant just waiting to be tapped into.

    In the dance we move to unlock tension, to clear our channel of stagnant energy, and to open into an enlivened, instinctual and creative wellspring. That's Good medicine for the body, heart and soul.

    We will weave the sacred with the mundane to create a potent medicine wheel in which we will offer to ourselves, each other and beyond.
    Join us in this workshop and be a part of something extra-ordinary


  • January 13, 2019

    2:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Location

    Gibney Dance
    53A Chambers St
    New York, NY 10007

  • Investment


  • Questions? Reach out to us at tmcny@5rhythms.com