• slow down. pause. reconnect.

    You are invited to join us at the awe inspiring
     costa rica yoga spa to journey and to attune.


  • With the 5Rhythms Waves and Heartbeat maps as our foundation, we will take Refuge from the world of doing in order to arrive into a nourishing state of being.

    Together, we will create a safe container for mutually shared transformation, allowing patterns of a lifetime to be revealed, witnessed and integrated through movement, ritual and ceremony.

    Refuge creates a possibility of change on the cellular level. It is a place of nourishment, where you can restore what has been broken, resource what has been emptied out, heal what has been wounded, call back or honor what has been lost, and rest in the loving presence of your own being.

    Our journey for these 7 days will be supported by delicious whole and superfoods, restorative yoga, massage, and dips into the ocean for purification.