• The Path of Love & Unity

  • Our world today is polarized. It is full of pain and suffering, and it is also filled with immense love and compassion. The same is true for most of us in our own psyche. We shift from the bliss that comes through peak and breakthrough moments to feelings of self doubt and negativity. We swing from ease and happiness in our connection with others to feelings of self hatred and seclusion when our wounds are activated.  
    Recently, one of my old stomping grounds, Orlando, Florida became the backdrop to the deadliest mass shooting in America. As shock, anger and grief spilled through many of our hearts, the country also became outspokenly divided once again with the subject of gun control and immigration laws. We can easily see how far away we are from harmony, even within the spectrum of the human race who feels devastated and powerless over these acts of terror. 
    How do we find harmony individually and collectively? How do we align within ourselves so that what we think, say and do serves not only our own expression but also the greater good of humanity? 
    The obvious is to quiet down and practice, then take that practice to the street. 
    Amidst the chaos on the planet, we practice being truly awake rather than glazing through our days. We exercise courage to speak up and out about what we see and what we believe in, and we turn our attention away from surface conversations that distract and tune into connections that are meaningful. 
    In order to truly hear and see we must quiet our minds and empty out the garbage that belittles ourselves and others. Our unhealthy thought patterns become part of the pollution on the planet.
    The path of love and unity is our path toward a world that we would be proud to call home.
  • Sacred Art | Healing in the Making

    Artwork by Devani & Velan Cadden