• We are on the road to nowhere
    and that is where our true education begins
    Walk yourself into the epicenter of Zero 
    Where physical and spiritual matter crisscross
    Silence our pathway
    Music our guide
    Body our divining rod
    The archetypal crossroads exploration of the holy zen punk monk
    and the profane taboo jester
    We will drink in equal measure wholeness, emptiness, and fullness
    Meeting the intrinsic natural knowing that we are everyone
    Creating our own small space within the boundless
    There is nothing to a void.
    We are no one and every one.


  • 5rhythms®   Aikido   Yoga

    Meditation   Vision


    Back to Zero we go.

    We are committed to bringing ourselves and those who come into our rooms, to thresholds of self -governance

    We are committed to bringing awareness to the blindspots that we carry as individuals and as a community so that we can expand into our fullest form.

    We believe in the integration of ancient practices and new technologies. Bringing them together into the ever new, to create the fluid human.

    In these extraordinary times we are being asked to be resilient, multi-faceted, multi -political, multi -gendered, whole hearted human beings.

    We are becoming a vibrant thriving community that practices on the edge of what we know and don’t know. Engaged in transformation We become the empty whole.

    There is nothing to
    a Void.

    Zero awaits you at the crossroads.

  • The 5Rhythms® is a catalyzing form of dance for body, mind and heart developed by Gabrielle Roth. 

    The practice itself is very simple. It is a map that can point you to the inherent wisdom of your own body, and for us is one of the fastest most direct ways in to uncovering your own truths.

    A 5Rhythms® class or workshop can be an opportunity to develop the skills of discipline, commitment and creativity, and can encourage deep healing and self expression. It is an environment where you can tell the stories that need to be moved through you, for your ongoing well being and knowledge.

    It is a practice that invites in the merging of movement + creativity as a means to understand your physical, mental and emotional needs. We use movement as the language and the remedy. We put the psyche in motion, so that self -knowledge is downloaded, creating a bridge into action and living better day to day.

    The body is the ground floor, the body holds all our stories and what we hold onto shapes us. The dance wrings us out and opens us up to our essential nature. The dance opens up our perspectives and offers us solutions and possibility.

    Tantric Hatha Yoga - Kevin Courtney

    Tantric Hatha Yoga is an embodiment technology used to purify and strengthen the body, stablize the heart/mind, and begin to give rise to the dawning of higher awareness.

    It is a practice of coming to see the unseen. To feel, sense and experience how energy moves throughout the body. As this texture becomes known, a path to intuitive knowing is revealed and insight into the source of mind emerges.

    From the conscious to the subconscious, the subconscious to the unconscious, and the unconscious to the sublime. The tradition seeks to illuminate a path of exploration into the fabric of psyche and enable awareness to penetrate the substance of spirit and soul.

    The practices leverage the body to awaken, refine and manage vital energetic intelligence through yoga postures, bandhas, mantra, meditation and breath work. The energy is collected and directed in ways to create purposeful and specific non-ordinary states of consciousness.

    As we journey into the heart of ZERO, each yoga session will have a unique intent: To calm and stablize the mind, to awaken and vitalize center, and finally to restore into a deeply restful state. The practices are designed to meet you where you are and made to be accessible at all levels.

    Aikido - Larry Novick

    Aikido translates from Japanese as "the way of being in harmony with energy" but it really means many things. It is a unique martial art, a form of compassionate, non-violent effective self-defense, and it is also a way of looking at and experiencing life; a philosophy of harmony, empowerment, and expanded consciousness meant to be brought into everyday reality.

    The form of Aikido involves circular/spherical movements of harmonizing with an aggressive intention, techniques to neutralize an opponent, and throws to harmlessly redirect negative or aggressive energy. More importantly, Aikido involves learning about awareness, centeredness, and energy flow, both personal and spiritual, and bringing the power, depth, and quality of this dynamic, conscious state to every movement, every technique, every interaction, on the mat and in life.

    This transforms a physical practice into an inner discipline of expanding consciousness that embraces personal and spiritual balance and alignment, grounded self-defense and esoteric energy training, boundaries and integrity, and much more.